As things have changed over the years in the FBI (food and beverage industry) we as consumers ride the tide of what works, what is nasty, and what becomes second nature.

Much of what we enjoy on a regular basis today regarding soda is the result of a strange and in many ways dangerous time.

For example, did you know that post world war two Europe was a make it or break it time for Coca Cola to become the worldwide leader that is today? European and even soviet contracts were a way for the company to expand to a global market desperate for some sweet relief from the post war blues.

coca cola

Feels Good!

A few decades later we saw the “Cola Wars” (pity they didn’t play on the Star Wars theme more during their commercial battles!)

I was just a kid but I remember those commercials a little bit (and have watched them when I got started doing this). Blind taste tests were the thing!

Pepsi vs Coca Cola! Some of the media stuff from posters to bill boards, not to mention the commercials, was hilarious!

And what was the reason behind Coca Cola’s domination? Branding.

Possibly the world’s largest scale branding project in history, spanning over a century at this point, the people at Coke set out to have a bottle in everyone’s hand. Want proof of this prolific marketing?

Go to ebay and type in “coca cola vintage merchandise.”

You won’t believe the massive amount of stuff you will find! And some of that stuff is truly strange!

And some of the flavors! I particularly want to try Coca Cola Blak, which is a Coke infused with “coffee essence.” It sounds exciting and scary at the same time, like knowing that running a tri-athilon would be good for your heart, but could also make it explode!

Green Tea, Garlic (um…why?), Black Cherry Vanilla, Diet Coke with Bacon (though that one could be a hoax); craziness!

Check in next time for more soda strangeness!