Hey everyone, Kenneth is back with more sparkling, bubbly soda goodness!

What is the reason behind why we love soda so much?

Is it the neurologically addictive properties of processed sugar? The bubbly fizziness that tickles our taste buds? The burn of the acidity?

Maybe it is all of those things, but for me I think it is memory.

You will forgive me if I wax personal for a minute, but my love affair with soda (and other things that are dangerous without moderation) has roots in family. Maybe it does for you too?

I remember my Dad would come home from work every friday with a cold 6 pack of Coca Cola for my two brothers and I. We would each get two that were ours to do with as we saw fit (and I say that because in biblical Jacob and Esau fashion I would drink one and barter the other one to my competing brothers to take one of my chores or some other desirous thing). My brothers would gulp their cans down within an hour at the least, but I always savored mine.

I remember when my mom’s sister was killed in a car crash, which was tough for all of us. After the service I sat outside under a tree with my mom over a pair of cokes as she told me, with tears, how amazing my aunt was to grow up with. I think I learned to really appreciate my two dumb brothers (one of them designs advanced robotics now, the other is a lawyer, but they were dumb when we were kids) much more than I might have without that talk and those cokes.

One thing that really stands out and always will, for obvious reasons, is when my boyfriend in high school was killed and I was injured because he was driving drunk. That isn’t something you get over, you carry it with you, it just fades over time.

When I got out of the hospital and after the funeral the football team held a rally in the gym, where they vowed that no one would drink a drop of alcohol until that senior class graduated. As an alternative they managed to get a grant from the Coca Cola Company to stock the school with Coke as an alternative which were free to all students! That was huge to me and a lot of people as well!

Did everyone stick to it? Doubtfully. But there were no other drinking related deaths for two years after that, so it certainly made a difference!

Soda (Coke in particular) has been with me through ups and downs, tragedies and celebrations and everything in between. And that my friends is the best kind of branding.

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