How To Make The Most Of Your Natural Hair

If you’re male, there are lots of ways to boost the appearance of your hair. These include topical methods, non-surgical and surgical procedures. In terms of topical or external solutions, various spray-on products are available. Tiny coated filaments, colour matched to your natural hair colour, are sprayed onto the desired area to conceal small thinning or balding spots. This provides a matt, slightly textured – and thus more natural – appearance. Coloured, water resistant creams are also popular although these are best used to conceal very small areas of hair loss. If your hair is generally thinning all over, a more effective method of restoration is to consider a hair addition. Not to be confused with the negative stereotypes of a toupee or wig, a hair addition is a custom-made piece, designed to cover the area of hair loss and emulates your colour and density. An experienced hair loss consultant will be able to design, cut and fit your system according to your exact needs. There are some systems that can last up to six months, thanks to special technologically-advanced, secure and invisible skin glue. The hair on these systems, if created by a reputable expert, is extremely natural-looking and absorbs moisture just like natural hair. In other words, you can go swimming or ride in an open top sports car while wearing your hair addition.

A more permanent form of hair restoration is of course a hair transplant. These are increasingly popular, thanks to a wide number of high profile figures admitting to the procedure. If the surgery is performed by an experienced, registered surgeon, the results can be life-changing. A hair transplant is not for everyone however. It is major surgery performed under local anaesthetic and the success of the procedure depends on the quality of donor (existing) hair and the candidate being in good health.

If you are female, there are various ways to make the most of your natural hair and help it look thicker or longer. If you desire length, the obvious choice is real hair extensions. Look out for 100% human hair extensions (rather than a blend of synthetic and human hair) in processed European hair. This is best quality and usually ethically-sourced. Real hair extensions offer great styling flexibility but are mainly for cosmetic purposes. Unfortunately this product does not conceal thinning – in fact, long term application of bonded (glue) extensions may actually cause hair to thin mega hair.

If you experience thinning on top of your scalp, you might want to consider a partial hair piece or a relatively new procedure called ‘Hair Integration’. The method, offered by a skilled hairpiece consultant, involves creating a custom-made, real hair piece which is colour matched to your own hair. It is then fitted to your scalp and your existing hair is pulled through and blended or integrated with the hair piece. The piece is secured in place for several months, with minimum maintenance required. Hair Integration is an extremely popular form of hair restoration – results are instant and confidence is boosted. If your hair loss is extensive, you might want to consider a ready-to-wear ladies wig or real hair wig. Nowadays, ladies wigs are exceptionally natural-looking and available in a wide range of highlighted colours. Wearing a wig is much more socially-acceptable now and thanks to different manufacturing techniques e.g. lace fronts that offer an invisible join, wearing a wig can be undetectable.

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