How to Make My Own Diet Shakes – Without Disgusting Taste

By making diet shakes and using protein diet shakes as healthy meal replacement, you can make yourself fitter, slimmer, sexier, and feeling younger, and all without starving to death.

Diet shakes are intended to give you the high quality proteins proteins, fats, and carbohydrates that your body needs for you to look and feel your best while also helping you manage your weight. In spite of what many “hot” diets seem to try to tell you, fasting or feeling hungry are not the roads to weight loss and weight management.

Well-made diet shakes give you additional vitamins and minerals as well, so that you are replacing fats and high amounts of calories with great-tasting nourishment that is better for you all the way around but does not leave your body without fuel.

With an increased intake of vitamins and minerals from learning how to make diet shakes, you realize numerous benefits. You reduce your chances of heart disease and strokes. You provide your body with more regulation of of muscle and nerve function, which in turn also means regulating your heart beat and heart’s rhythm. The clotting of your blood also becomes better regulated. Your hair and fingernails become thicker, shinier, stronger, and easier to grow. Your skin becomes shinier, softer, less wrinkled, and more resistant to the ravages of wind and weather. Your body’s bones become stronger and denser. And, your body’s natural cell replacement and metabolism become enhanced, keeping you fitter, slimmer, and more energized.

Making diet shakes is not difficult. You will need some fruits of your choice (peeled and with seeds removed) and a blender. You’ll also need ice and a liquid into which everything will be blended.

First, put the fruits into the blender. Keep the pieces of fruit relatively small (but not tiny) so that they’ll be sufficiently blended. After the fruit is in, put in your liquid.

Now close the lid on the blender, hold it down, and blend the ingredients on “high” for about 30 seconds. Check the contents to make sure everything got blended in and isn’t’ gunking up your blender.

Once this part of the diet shake Weight Loss Smoothies is smooth, run the blender on low speed and begin adding ice cubes through the top opening (the hole in the lid). Add them just a couple at a time and wait between additions for the blender to stop sounding choppy and be totally smooth.

Use some experimentation to get a diet shake that is as smooth or thick as you want and tastes great.


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