Good Morning Client

More big questions emerge this morning good morning image with love couple. As my husband talks with a client, I ask myself, how do we keep those wrong statements from leaving our lips when the client is being difficult at 6:00 am? Is there some kind of exercise class we can attend to keep us on the right side of that fine line? Where is the training that helps us maintain a mindset of only thinking about jumping over that proverbial “you know what you can do” fence and not actually jumping it?

There are some things we can do to minimize the chances of us losing it and missing the chance of serving that client in the future. Here is a major tip that many entrepreneurs and small business are afraid to implement, yet when they do, their business life becomes so much more productive.

Only take client calls when your mindset is in good shape. Feeling for the phone while your head is still on the pillow probably isn’t a good time to take a call from a worried or agitated client. Most of us are simply not mentally alert enough to properly nurture the relationship 10 seconds after we were just lying on the beach, sipping an umbrella drink while being fanned next to the crystal clear, blue ocean. We are also not equipped for disastrous emotional client calls as we head to bed after a long day, which is mostly what small business owners have.

Choose your times wisely. Take and make client calls in the daily windows of optimal mental operation. If you’re a morning person, talk with clients in the morning. If you’re an evening person, do it in the evening. the point here is to do it when it’s best for you. Don’t torture yourself thinking that you must be available to your clients 24/7. This is ridiculous nowadays with so many other ways to communicate available to us such as email, instant messaging, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Let your clients know that you read your mail every day and you’ll get back with them with a call if it’s necessary on these particular days and during the hours of _____ and you fill in the blank. Just be sure to be available during those hours and on those days.

Keeping a good relationship with our clients is crucial to our business bottom line. Ensuring this means we must plan better. We are not robots; we are human and must be organized. Our clients have schedules as well and will appreciate the fact that you do too when told. You can always respond in an emergency, but match the times when you are available mentally to the times when you are available physically and your client relationships will improve along with your profitability.


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